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Police Recovered Four Country-Made Pistol Four Arrested


Satara police have arrested four persons for possession of a country-made pistol. The police have identified the suspects as Vikram alise Gourya Ramesh Jagtap age 26, resident of Boudhavasti, Tal. Khatav, Dist. Satara, Ajay Subhash Khawle age 38, resident Ner, Tal. Khatav Dist. Satara, Dhanaji Vaman Madane age 22, resident Awarwadi, Tal. Khatav, Dist Satara, Shubham Rajaram Shinde age 20, Aundh, Tal. Khatav, Dist. Satara. Local crime branch Satara got the news through special correspondent that a suspected person has come to village Ner with a country made pistol. Based on the information received, the police along with their team, made a trap in the village Ner and suspected person found at his home. Police took him into custody and checked, police got a country- made pistol in the possession of the accused. When further inquired, he has committed that three more pistols were brought here form Bihar state. Accused sold all three pistols to other people. Those people are co-accused in this crime. In such a way from four suspects, police seized four pistols, three live cartridges and two mobile phones worth rupees 2,07,000/-. Crime number 137/2018,138/2018,139/2018 Arm Act 1959 section 3, 25, 7 registered against accused in Pusegaon police station and crime number 154/2018 Arm Act 1959 section 3, 25, 7 in Aundh police station.

Jewellary Robbery Case: Three Arrested


Satara police on 6th September 2018 arrested three people in connection with the robbery of gold jewellery worth rupees 11 lakh in Satara district. Crime no 144/2018 U/s 392 registered at Aundh police station. Accused told complainant (Ashokkumar Pratapchand Lohar) ,"we want to open new jewellary shop at Pusesawali so you come to Pusesawali with gold ornament." When the complainant went there, the accused took him to Kalambi Road and the other two of them threw a chilli powder in the eye of the complainant and fled with the bag of ornament. Police obtained the CCTV footage of the accused and arrested three accused in ten hours with the help of technical team. When the police interrogated the accused, they found 400 gm gold ornaments in the possession of the accused. The arrested was identified as Shrikant Malappa Kengar age 19, Somnath Jalindar Awale age 23, Sonal Tukarm Lotke age 22 all resides of Vita, Dist. Sangli.

Seven Accused Held For Sandalwood Theft


Unidentified persons cut down and stole sandalwood trees from collector office Satara and village Pusegaon, district Satara on Saturday. With the help of confidential information Local Crime Branch arrested seven sandalwood smugglers on dated 08th September 2018. Pusegaon and Satara City police have registered a case under section 379 and crime number are 128/2017 and 788/2018. The secret correspondent informed the police that 6 to 7 people have stolen sandalwood and they have come to Pusegaon at shivaji chouk. Police immediately rushed to Shivaji chouk Pusegaon and caught the suspects and checked their bags, police found 62 kg sandalwood and tools. Police took them in custody and when they were in deeper investigation, suspects confessed that they had stolen sandalwood from collector office Satara and pusegaon. Police recovered motorcycle and 65kg sandalwood worth rupees 1,96,700/- from the possession of the accused- Namdev Dnyandev Jadhav age 39, Yashvant Gulab Jahav age 50, Dnyandev Gulabrao Jadhav age 60, Anand Bacharam Jadhav age 40, Tukarm Shankar Bansode age 50, Kumar Shivaji Jahav age 33 and Navnath Popat Jadhav age 31 all resides at Tatawade Tal. Phaltan, Dist. Satara. The accused have been transferred to Pusegaon police for further action.

Cyber Crime Police Arrest Two For SIM Swap Fraud


Police have arrested two fraudsters from Punjab for allegedly transferring money from the bank of company by getting company SIM cards fraudulently. Police have arrested 20 years old Abhishek Sunil Kumar and 34 years old Yadvindar Narendra Sing both resides SAS nagar, Zirakpur Punjab. On dated 13th August 2018 a company from satara district was duped of 38 lack by a cyber-criminal using a method of SIM card-swapping. Criminal have effectively transferred 38 lack in various bank accounts in Punjab, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Crime no 374/2018 U/s 419, 420, 465, 467, 468, 34 registered in Shahupuri police station. Satara police collected all technical evidence about persons which is related to this crime. With the help of technical information, police found a link of criminal in Zirakpur, Punjab. Police team from Satara immediately reached Zirakpur Punjab and with the help of Punjab local police Satara police arrested 2 accused. The duo has been remanded in police custody till September 7. Further investigation is going on.

2 Men Held For Bike Theft, 5 Vehicles Recovered


Satara police have arrested 2 persons on charge of stealing two-wheelers from various places in Satara district. They were identified as Amol Dilip Lokhande and Dnyaneshwar alias Gundya Tupe both resides Malharnagar, Mhaswad dist. Satara. They were arrested by the police from Mhaswad S.T.stand. When Satara police was patrolling in Mhaswad area police found 2 suspected persons with without number plate motorcycles. Police arrested them with motorcycles. During interrogation, it came to light that accused have stolen 5 bikes from various places. And the accused were going to sell those motorcycles. Satara police recovered total 5 motor cycle worth rupees 2,00,000/-The police are investigating more about the accused. There is a possibility that more criminal cases of motorcycle theft can be exposed. Police detected crime no 114/2018 and 76/2018 U/s 379 IPC registered at Mhaswad and Chinchani- Wangi police station.

Fake Currency Racket Busted By Local Crime Branch, Six Held


Fake currency with a face value of Rs.56,42,500 and the equipments to print them were seized after the arrest of six people involved in racket. Ganesh Bhondawe, a resident of Molacha Odha, Sunil Desu Rathod, a resident of Mtkar colony, Amey Rajendra Belkar, resident of Pendsenagar, Rahul Arjun Pawar, a resident of Shahupuri, Aniket Pramod Yadhav a resident of New M.I.D.C., Satara and Amol Arjun Shinde a resident of Gadkar Ali, district of Satara have been arrested. On date 13th June 2018 police got confidential information that two suspected person named Aniket Pramod Yadhav resides New M.I.D.C., Satara and Amol Arjun Shinde resides Gadkar Ali, Satara are trying to running fake notes near Koteshwar Mandir Satara . On the basis of this information police made a trap near Koteshwar Mandir and arrested Aniket Pramod Yadhav, Amol Arjun Shinde who worked with Ganesh Bhondawe and took them into custody. Police found 21 fake currency notes of Rs. 500 and 7 fake currency notes of Rs. 2000 in possession of both above accused. Later, police arrested Ganesh Bhondawe and his co-accused Sunil Desu Rathod, Amey Rajendra Belkar and Rahul Arjun Pawar. Police found 26,54,500 rupees fake currency notes, vehicle and mobile phones worth rupees 1,33,500 also seized from them. Crime number 250/2018 U/s 489(b), (c), (e), 34 registered against them in Shahupuri police station. Police are trying to find out whether the gang was supplying fake currency to other parts of the district or state.

Atrocious Murder: Accused Behind The Bar


On date 30th May 2018 in Karad near Tembhu road Sachin Baban Kamble was murdered by unknown person. In this case a crime has been registered in Karad City police station under crime number 468/2018 U/s 302, 34 IPC. Satara police have arrested three accused in connection with the murder of a decease Sachin Baban Kamble. Accused name Aarti Sachin Kamble (wife of Sachin), Appa allies Shashikant Suresh Bhosle, Rahul Samadhan Shinde and Kumar Panjab Patankar all residence of Karad. All four accused collaborate with each other and killed Sachin. Aarti Kamble (wife of Sachin) and Shashikant Bhosle had immoral relations and Sachin was obstacle between them. Due to this cause accused Aarti and her co-accused decided to kill Sachin. With the help of Rahul Shinde and Kumar Patankar, Aarti and Shashikant made conspiracy to murder Sachin. According to plan, on date 29th May 2018 accused Rahul and Kumar contacted Sachin and called him at Karad bus stand to go to work. From there, they all went to the wine shop and drunk alcohol. Then they all went towards Oglewadi bridge, Tembhu road and drunk alcohol to Sachin. When Sachin was intoxicated, Rahul and Kumar took advantage and slit Sachin’s throat with a knife and murdered him. It was very difficult to nab accused and not able to got their location because after doing murder they fleed away and switched off their phones. But police got confidential information and their location with the help of cyber cell and they made a team and arrested the accused from Barshi, Dist. Solapur.

Police Detected Murder Case Within 24 Hours: Wife And Her Beloved Behind The Bar


Satara police have arrested accused in connection with the murder of a 32 year old man named Anand Dnyaneshwar Kambale. Decease Anand murdered by his wife and her beloved with the help of co-accused. Police detected murder case within 24 hours. Suspected accused Nikhil and Diksha (wife of Anand) both were lover and their love affair has for many years. Diksha got married with Anand on 20th May but she was not happy with this marriage because she wants to marry with Nikhil. Hence both Nikhil and Diksha made conspiracy to murder Anand. When on Saturday Diksha and decease Anand were in Mahabaleshwar for their honeymoon, she gave their frequent location to her beloved Nikhil by using mobile phone. According to the plan, Nikhil gave betrayal to his co-accused to murder Anand. Nikhil’s co-accused killed Anand by sharpen weapon in Pasarani Ghat, near Panchagani, tal Wai. Police got information that accused Nikhil who is lover of Diksha stayed at Pune. On Sunday police went to Pune and made a trap near Nigadi, Pune and arrested Nikhil. Both Nikhil and Diksha comfessed that they made conspiracy to murder of Anand. In this case crime number 153/2018 U/s 302, 427, 34 registered in Wai police station. Further investigation is going on. Within 24 hours Wai police have arrested criminal and shown their talent.

Police Arrested Mastermind Criminal Within 24 Hours


On dated 31st May 2018 at 05.00 PM two college boy came near Budhwar Naka area and fired 2 bullet by illegal pistol on Atik Hasan Shaikh cause of old quarrel. But there was a shot in the stomach of Ashvini Shekhar Kamble who is shopping there and got critically injured. Its came to know that, this shot fired by accused Vrushabh Rajendra Jadhav and his co-accused resides Ravivar peth, Satara .The prosecution has given complaint to Shahupuri police station and registered crime no 237/2018 U/s 307, 34 Arm Act section 25(3). Police made a trap with the help of given confidential information and arrested the accused Vrushabh Rajendra Jadhav from Kolhapur in front of Lokmat press. When police interrogated him, he confessed that on 31st May 2018 he and his co-accused Nihar allies Manya and Suraj Kadam both resides Khed, tal. dist. Satara fired 2 bullet by illegal pistol on Atik Shaikh casue of old quarrel in college.

Police Detected Murder Case Within 24 Hours


Police arrested person in connection with the murder of a 23-year-old man who was beaten to death for operating a machine on Tuesday evening. Decease Sonu kumar Ram, a laborer, was killed by accused Santosh Rupchand Pawar in farm of complainant at Kukudwad, Tal. Man, Dist. Satara. Accused attacked with sharp weapon and fleed away. Complainant Mr.Dhanesh Sadashiv Ghanwat registered complaint to Mhaswad police station against accused Santosh Rupchand Pawar resides Aland, Tal. Aland, Dist. Gulbarga, State Karnataka. Crime number 60/2018 U/s 302 registered in Mhaswad police station. Police got confidential information that accused was hide in hill area near Kardewadi Tal Man, Dist. Satara. On the basis of this information police went there. Police investigated to nearby people and arranged searching operation and they found accused Santosh Rupchand Pawar.



A boy twelve years of age had gone missing from his home in Rokadeshwar galli, Rahimatpur, Satara on date May 14, 2018. His mother Asha Santosh Sapkal registered complaint in Rahimatpur police station that unknown person has abducted her son Rushikesh Santosh Sapkal. Case registered under crime no 91/2018 U/s 363 IPC. Few days before police created a whatsapp group, named ‘Rahimatpur Beat 100’. Police investigated the gravity of this incident, and immediately send photo of missing little boy and his description on whatsapp group. Also, the missing news of a little boy published through media. Accordingly, there was an appeal to contact Rahimatpur police station. Some members of above whatsapp group informed the police and gave information that they saw this boy in Bhairoba galli, Rahimapur. With the help of this information police searched a boy and they found missing boy in Rahimatpur. Police handed the child over to his mother. Satara Police has proved its smartness by searching the child through social media.

Cops Detected Murder Case Within Four Hours


Prakash Kulkarni who is accused in the murder of Sandeep Bhange, was nabbed by Sahupuri police in very short time after the murder took place in Satara district near Mangalwar Tale. On date 5th May 2018 victim Sandeep Bhange was going to home by motorcycle that time accused Prakash Kulkarni stopped him and hit rod on the head of victim due to old reason of quarrel for withdrawing the case from the court. Sandeep Bhange was dead on the spot. Satara police immediately visited the spot and did the panchanama. Within four hours after this incidence, police arrested suspected person Prakash Kulkarni (age 28) who is auto rickshaw driver resides 177 Vyankatpura Peth, district Satara. Prakash Kulkarni is history shitter on the police record. Shahupuri police station registered case no 204/2018 under section 302 IPC. The accused has got judicial custody.

Satara Police Opened Murder Case Within Five Days: 3 Arrested.


On 15th April 2018 near plateau of Mandhardev-Wai in Satara district police found dead body of an unknown woman. The accused had murdered woman by sharp-edged weapon. On Tuesday in this murder case police arrested three men. Her boyfriend is involved in this murder case. The accused have been identified as Natha Data Lavte resides Medad Tal. Malshiras, dist. Solapur, Ajay Ashok Dhainje and Ravindra Dhula Shendge both resides Mandaki Tal. Malshiras Dist. Solapur. The name of the deceased girl is Banu Gopal Kokare (age 22) resides Jalgavi Tal, Malshiras, Dist. Solapur. There is no concrete evidence to identified dead body thereof it’s an evocation to the police to investigate the murder case. Wai police got confidential information about accused and police detained the accused named Natha Data Lavte here form Nalasopara. When police interrogation Nath Late that time Natha confessed that with the help of co- accused he murdered Banu. Natah Lavte said that Banu was his girlfriend and she often asked him to marry her. But Natha was married man so he was refusing her. This is the reason to murder her. With the help of CCTV footage and confidential information Satara police detected murder case within five days. Case registered under crime number 103/2018 U/s 302, 201 IPC in Wai police station.

Man Held For Bike Theft, 9 Vehicles Recovered


Satara police have arrested a 35 years-old person on charge of stealing two-wheelers from various places on various occasions, in Satara district. He was identified as Abhijit Lohar resides Pirwadi, Satara. He was arrested by the police when he was walking around the S.T. stand premises, district Satara. When Satara police was patrolling in S.T. stand area police found suspected person with stolen motorcycle (MH 11 AV 2763). Police arrested him with motorcycle. During interrogation, it came to light that accused had stolen 9 bikes from various places, in Satara district. The Police recovered total 9 motor cycle worth rupees 2,85.000/-. The police are investigating more about the accused. There is a possibility that more criminal cases of motorcycle theft can be exposed. Police detected crime no 345/2018, 153/2018, 323/2018, 164/2018, 379/2018 U/s 379 IPC registered at Satara City, Shahupuri, Karad City police station.

Under aged victim girl murder case: Juvenile confesses to crime


Under aged girl murder case was very sensitive raped murder case. It was one of the big challenge to Satara police. Satara police identified a 14 year old secondary student as prime victim. Initially kidnapping case has been registered in Pusegaon police station. But on dated 23rd March 2018, under aged victim girl's dead body was detected. Police worked hard to solve this sensitive murder case. One juvenile of age 14-year is the prime suspect in the case. The boy, according to police, watching porn movie each day with his friends on mobile. During interrogation of his friends police got information that accused likes victim. Finally the boy confessed that he likes under aged victim girl. When under-aged girl was playing in the ground in front of her house, accused kidnaped her and brought her in the half constructed building in the village. After rape, he murdered under aged girl and leaved her in the building & came back to the home. Because of all these matter accused afraid about happening, so that he told all fact to his mother. Mother was shocked and visited to the building spot. She took dead body of victim & throw her dead body in the well next to village Ner. Satara police have detected this sensitive murder case and registered crime no 52/2018 U/s 363, 366 (a), 376, 302, 201 IPC POCSO 3 a, 4, 5 in Pusegaon police station.

Satara Police nabbed culprits involved in road robbery of Borgaon


Four Men blocked Prashant Patole near Ghot village in Patan & snatched a bag containing Rs 66872/- around 11.45 Am on dated 28th Dec-17. Prashant Patole is working for Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd. company. For the purpose of company loan recovery, he reached Ghot village of Patan taluka. After finishing company recovery, he was about to return Satara. But four unknown persons blocked Prashant in the road and told him to leave money bag. Prashant resisted all of them but one of them snatched bag of money containing Rs. 66872/- with mobile phone and got away. Prashant registered complaint against four accused wide C. R. No. 384/2017 U/s 394 IPC at Umbraj police station. Satara police use their social network & gathered confidential information about four accused. In the investigation satara police got information about one culprit involved in robbery & Police arrested him immediately. In the interrogation, accused confessed his crime & told all case related accused names. All the robbed amount they shared within all culprits.

Satara Police Arrested Fraud Complainant Who Grabbed Insurance Amount


Satara police have arrested four persons for giving fraud complaint of truck theft. The accused have been identified as Atul Salunkhe of Godoli dist. Satara, Afif Pathan, Jamir Ibrahim Harchikar, Anwar Kacchi all three of Kolhapur distict. After a tip off from informants accused arrested. Satara police made a trap from Shivraj petrol pump to Khindawadi on Pune- Bangalore highway. On the given information cops found two persons with a truck (MH 11 L 3440) stop on the Khindawadi road. Satara police got suspicious on this person and they arrested them with truck. Police interrogated accused. In the investigation it's revealed that both accused was going to Kolhapur for scrap the truck and they were brought this truck from Anwar Kacchi of Kolhapur. When police arrested accused Anwar Kacchi he told that this truck sold him by Atul Salunkhe of Satara. Cops arrested truck owner Atul Salunkhe and he confessed that he has given fraud complaint of truck theft. Accused Atul Salunkhe has given fraud complaint in Sangli district and Goa state and also the amount of insurance for the stolen truck has been grabbed. Eight crime of truck theft came to light. Cops have seized a truck and car worth rupees 23,02,500/-. It has been found that in Satara district the truck owner sell own truck to the scrap businessman and registered fraud complaint of truck theft for grabbing insurance amount.

Satara Police Opened the Murder of Eight Months Ago


A 29 year old man named Kishor Ramchandra Gaykwad was killed by his known person when Kishor demanding 11 lack which is given to accused Sarjerao Yashwant Rajwas allies Maharaj for business of radiation power (R.P). Police arrested three accused Sarjerao Yashwant Rajwas allies Maharaj, Sagar Desai and Rahul Shinde all resident of Nerle tal.Walwa, dist. Sangli. The incident took place on July 8, 2017 at Rahul heights apartment in Karad dist Satara. Accused took 11 lack from Kishor Gaykwad for business and when the deceased asked for the money he had given to Sarjerao, he denied. On 8 July 2017 Sarjerao and his co- accused called Kishor Gaykwad to pay for the money that accused have taken from Kishor Gaykwad and as planned with the help of wire they got his throat and killed him. Accused confessed that they murdered Kishor and his dead body was thrown away from the cliff in the dense forest of Vishalgad in Kolhapur district. In Cr No 55/2018 the accused has been booked under Section 302, 364, 34 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

JCB Thieves Arrested by Satara Cops


Satara police have arrested 2 thieves in connection with JCB theft. Accused have been identified as Jagdish Gopu Chavan (age 22) resides Musaletanda (Karnatak) and Sunil Vyanku Rathod (age 25) resides Maknapur (Vijapur). Two month ago, JCB was stolen from Sarjerao Krushna Godse’s own farm from Dolegaon, Dist Satara. Accused Sunil Rathod worked as, JCB operator. On base of given information Satara police arrested accused Jagdish Chavan. When the police inquired the accused he gave information about co-accused Sunil Rathod and police arrested Sunil from Kotbal. The Satara police investigated with the help of CCTV footage and mobile data and prove that JCB has stolen by Jagdish with the help of Sunil Rathod. The Satara police seized JCB worth rupees 4 lack. And case has been filled against both accused. Crime registered number is 281/2017 U/s 379 IPC.

Three held for trading sand boas and snake venom


The Satara police have arrested three persons in connection with the illegal possession of two sand boa snakes and snake venom on Saturday. According to the crime branch officials, the two snakes are estimated to be worth rupees 1 crore to 50 lakhs and snake venom worth rupees 1 lakh for 1 ml in the international market and in great demand. Arrested have been identified as Vinod Vijay Raut age 26 resident Kawdewadi Tal. Koregaon Dist. Satara, Sagar Ravindra Sathe age 26 resident Bhawpur Tal. Haweli Dist. Pune, Rohit Arjun Kayangude age 21 resident Sultanpur Tal. Wai Dist. Satara. Based on the received information that the three will be arriving with the snakes and snake venom at Molach Odha dist. Satara, a team of crime branch laid a trap and arrested the suspects. The snakes belonged to sand boa species commonly known as Mandul in the local parlance. It is a non-venomous snake protected under schedule IV of the Wild Life Act of 1972 and trading in it is illegal.

Police Seized A Pistol and Indian Sand Boa


Three people arrested for allegedly smuggling protected live animal for sale. The Local Crime Branch police of the Satara Dist. arrested three people- Shirdhar Dnyandev Kumbhar, 23, Swayambhu Meghraj Shinde, 21, Aniket Anandrao Nikam, 23 near Anewadi dist. Satara. One pistol, Indian Sand Boa and two mobile were seized from the accused on December 10 by Satara police. Cops got information that two suspected will be coming near Anewadi Tolnaka for selling pistol and other for selling Indian Sand Boa. Cops made a trap near hotel Maharaja of Anewadi and arrested two suspected and seized a pistol and two mobile phone all worth rupees 3,55,800/- The second team of the Satara police mad a trap near Pachwad-Kudal phata dist Satara that time they saw that one person suspiciously coming with plastic bag and when cops checked this bag they found Indian Sand Boa which has a market value of 1 million in the international market. Satara police is investigating whether there are any other partners in this.

Arrant Criminal Arrested In Murder Case


One suspected accused was arrested in connection with the murder of Sachin alias Shetya Thakur age 19-year-old resides Kalewadi on 3rd December 2017, while he was coming towards Satara from Pune with his partner. Suspected accused and victim were in a relationship and killed him from personal debate. Local Crime Branch got information that this murder done by arrant criminals. With the help of this information cops went to Pune and arrested one suspected accused. When cops interrogated the accused, he confessed that when he and his partner was coming towards Satara and reached near Naikbombwadi Dist Satara accused killed Sachin alias Shetya Thakur. In this case crime register no 312/2017 U/s 302, 201 IPC has been registered in Phaltan Rural police station.

Umbraj Murder and Robbery: Arrested 4 Dacoit


On dated 22nd November 2017 crime register no 349/2017 U/s 396 IPC has been registered in Umbraj police station Dist. Satara. The suspects in the murder and robbery case of the Umbraj market Dist. Satara have been arrested in just four days. At the residence of Suhel Altaf Mulla in the market area of Umbraj, unknown accused opened their bungalows back door and entered the house and killed the grandmother (Jaibun Mulla) of plaintiff and robbed gold jewelry worth rupees 4,93,500/- weighed 300 gm. of Jaibun Mulla. Satara police got confirm information about accused and they are arrant criminals from Dist Ahmednagar. Satara police arranged team and went to Ahmednagar dist.in search of accused. After reached there with the help of Ahmednagar and Shrigonda police Satara police arrested 4 dacoit in case of robbery, murder and burglary. When accused questioned by the cops on the basis of the crime, accused confessed the crime. Further investigation is going on.

Sandalwood Smugglers Arrested by Cops


Local Crime Branch cops arrested two sandalwood smugglers on dated 20 October 2017 in Satara Dist with the help of confidential information. Crime registered no 413/2017 has been registered in Satara Taluka police station. Secret correspondent gave information to cops that 2 suspected will coming to sell stolen sandalwood. After that local crime branch police made a trap at village Wadhe chouk, near Satara city. At that time they saw two suspected person coming towards Wadhe. When the police caught them and checked their bags, they found decked wood and asked them about it, they started flyover answers'. Police took them in custody and when they were in deeper investigation, suspected persons confessed that they had stolen sandalwood. Police recovered two motorcycle and 20kg sandalwood worth rupees 2,44,000/- from the possession of the accused Sachin Narayan Shejal age 25 and Nitin Narayan Shejal age 24 both resides Welapur,Tal. Malshiras, Dist. Solapur.

Man Arrested For Bike Theft


Panchagani police arrested a 20-years-old man on charges of stealing two-wheelers from Panchagani on 30th August 2017. The arrested was identified as Rushabh Shankar Sankpal resides Bhimnagar Panchagani Dist Satara. Accused was arrested by the cops during a vehicle check-up conducted by the police in Panchagani Dist Satara. During interrogation, it came to light that he had stolen bike and he had committed his crime. The police recovered the two-wheelers and remanded him in judicial custody. Crime register no 54/2017 U/s 379 has been registered in Panchagani police station.

Financially Fraudulent Man Arrested


Satara police have arrested a man who was financially cheating the woman after getting information of bank ATM. Accordingly, the crime had been registered on dated 4th August 2017 in Cyber police station Satara. On dated 2nd August 2017 unknown person called to the woman on her mobile and said, "I am from State Bank Of India and your bank account has been stopped if you want to continue your account please tell me 16 digit number which is on your ATM card." After woman told ATM number and the moment the information is received accused withdrawal 49,900/- rupees from the complainant account. Cyber police exactly using technically method and arrested accused named Yusuf Sahebjan Ansari (age 22) resides Aukari, Post Bagrudih, Tal Karmatand, Dist Jamtara State Jharkhand. Probe reveled that accused and his associates have co - ordinated this crime. Further investigations are ongoing.

Satara: Three Members of Robbers' Gang Held


Satara Police Crime Branch has arrested 3 people on charges of house theft and burglary. Police got information from confidential reporter that 3 people coming towards Umbraj Dist Satara for celling T.V. Cops made trap near Patan Tikatne, Dist Satara and that time cops saw, three suspects coming from motor cycle. Crime Branch police investigated them about their personal information but they gave an answer to the flywheel. The police took them into custody and they committed crime. With their arrest the crime branch have solved another cases of theft and burglary in Patan and Umbraj Dist Satara. The police have recovered one LED T.V., two motorcycle, gold ornaments and mobile phone worth rupees 1,85,300/-.

Three Arrested for Motorcycle Theft, 13 Bikes Seized


Three men were arrested on date 21th September 2017 for allegedly stealing motorcycle from various parts of the Karad City. The Karad City police have recovered 13 stolen motorcycle from the possession of the suspects. Cops got the news of the suspect being wandering in Vidyanagar Karad area Dist Satara. At that time, when they were fleeing, the police chased them and caught a minor boy. Arrested boy confessed to the motorcycle theft, burglary and chain snatching with the help of his accomplice. Police arrested accused Anil Vitthal Mohite (age 19) resides Kursund Tal.Patan Dist Satara, Rajendra Vilas Sankpal (age 27) resides Vihe Tal.Patan Dist Satara, Amit Hanmant Kadam (age 21) resides Antawadi Tal.Karad Dist Satara. Probe revealed that the accuse sold motorcycle to people at cheaper rates. Later, the police took the 13 motorcycles from different places. The accused also confessed that they had committed four homicides and one chain snatching in the city of Karad during the investigation. Police arrested them in crime register no 602/2017 IPC 454,457,380.

Cops Recovered Stolen Property From Suspected Accused


While Rahimatpur police was doing patrolling at around 02.00 am they got a suspected motorcycle at Bharat Petrol Pump Satara District. Police stopped their car and when noticed suspected motorcycle the silencer was found to be hot. After that cops looked around they found that the shutter of the roadside shop named Baliraja Krushi Sewa Kendra had opened by one side and found one suspected bag nearby shop. Police checked that bag and found stolen material in the bag. From the material cops got the name of the accused and on this information police laid a trap and arrested the accused named Rahul Changdev Yadav age 23 resides Durgalwadi Tal.Koregaon Dist Satara from his house. When he was questioned, he confessed to a total of 17 crimes. In addition, the accused has admitted that crime has been committed in Umbraj, Karad, Aundh and Talbeed. Rahimatpur police arrested the accused and recovered all stolen property

Robbery Gang Arrested by Cops


Police Station - Dahiwadi Police Station District - Satara Date of Work - 01/08/2017 Brief Fact : Crime Register no. 218/2017 IPC 379, 34 has been registered at Dahiwadi police station . In this crime accused has stolen four electric motors used for water pumping. Under guidance of senior police officers Dahiwadi police station were investigating. In investigation cops got confidential information about accused. With the help of this information police went to search for the accused. Probe revealed the names of accused 1. Umesh Raghunath Mane (age 28) resides Parkandi, 2. Santosh Raghunath Kharat (age 34), 3. Shashikant Mahadev Chavan (age 45), 4.Anil allies Pappu Popat Chavan (age 24) all three resides Andhali, 5. Ashok Dattatray Suryavanshi (age 400 resides Malawadi. And Satara police have arrested five criminals. Dahiwadi police have recovered six stolen electric motors used for water pumping and two motor cycle which used in crime all worth rupees 1,05,000/-. Police are doing more enquiry.

Robbery Gang Arrested by Cops


On 18 th August 2017 the victim Sanjay Nanasaheb Dhamal resides Asawali Tal. Khandala Dist Satara stood on NH 4 highway for going to Khandala, that time one biker have given lift to him. After going ahead near Kesurdi phata biker and his companion assaulted on victim and robbed him. Some days latter Sanjay Dhamal saw accused near Choupala and they immediately gave information to Shirwal police. Upon getting information cops chased. When accused saw that cops are chasing they jumped into the Neera river but Satara police also jumped into the river and caught accused. It's very thrilling incident. Satara police have arrested four accused named Lahu Rambhau Chavan (age 24), Laxman Rambhau Chavan (age 26) both resides Dongartala Tal Jitur Dist Parbhani, Hemant Tukaram Mane (age 29) resides Gavlinagar Post Gokhali Tal Phaltan Dist Satara, Amol Ganesh Chavan (age 19) resides Pimpalgaon Tal. Jitur Dist.Parbhani and recovered a mobile handset worth rupees 1500/-, driving license and two bike.

Recovered a country-made pistol


The Satara police have arrested a person, for possessing a country-made pistol. Police have identified the suspects as Akshay Anil Kore, resident of Brahmapuri Tal. Karad, Dist Satara. Satara police got tip that a suspect stand near hotel new Panchali. Based on this information cops raided on suspect and taken him into custody. During searches, the police team recovered a country made pistol with single barrel worth R/s 10,000/- from his possession. Crime register no 232/2017 under the Arms Act 3, 25 has been registered at Umbraj police station against accused Akshay Anil Kore.

Police Solve Murder Case, Three Arrested


The Satara police on Tuesday solved murder case of Shambhu Barge. Cops arrested accused Arjun Rajendra Dere,19, Aditya allies Babu Sanjay Shinde, 19, Ganesh Prakash Shingte, 23, of Koregaon Dist Satara. On 21th August there was a quarrel between two group in Koregaon. And this is the reason for the affray again in night at 7:30. This issue and dispute increased, after that youngsters tribe made conspiracy of murder of Shambhu Barge near ST stand Koregaon. Youngsters tribe assaulted on Shambhu Barge with sharp-edged weapons and youngsters ran away. Satara police started investigation and they got tip-off that suspected stay at Kashil Dist Satara. Cops arranged trap at Kashil and by skillfully investigation police pursued and arrested three suspected. These all three accused committed crime. Still the investigation is underway?

Cops Recovered Stolen Property of Five Mobile and Two Charger


Two unidentified men broke into a mobile shop in Nagthane Dist Satara and made away with laptop, five mobile handset and two charger worth R/s- 8600. The culprits damaged the shop's shutter to break in. The shop owner Ganesh Salunkhe had registered complaint at Borgaon police station after the theft crime on 30th July. In the police investigation it is realized that accused named (Bandya) allies Omkar Anil Kadam and Suraj Krushnat Kanse had broken mobile shop. Probe revealed that there was an accident while accused celling a theft mobile phone. (Bandya) allies Omkar Anil Kadam died in accident and Suraj Krushnat Kanse is in coma. Satara police have recovered five mobile worth rupees 8600/- and two charger from culprits friend and relative.

Woman Held For Break-ins- Ornament Recovered


A 24-year-old girl had been arrested for the house break-ins in Dhanawade Wadi, Dist Satara. Crime Registration No 183/2017 U/s 454, 380 has been registrated at Borgaon Police station. Girl named Shahin Gani Mulani arrested under section 454,380. Accused had broken house of Complainant named Seema Chandrakant Pawar age 36 resides at Dhanawade Wadi, Dist Satara. Probe revealed that when complainant went to farm accused got opportunity and she broke house and theft gold ornament and some money. In the investigation Shahin committed crime that she has stolen gold ornament of 80 gm and 1600 rupees. Satara police have recovered most of original ornaments from her weighing 80 gm of gold and total worth over Rs 2,37,00/-. Satara police has been exposed the crime within hours skillfully.

Police Arrested One Regarding Keeping Illegal Weapon


In order to avoid indecent in upcoming Ganpati festival Satara police are in quest of illegal weapon. After that Satara police have arrested a person, for possessing illegal weapon named Akhil Ashokrao Mohite stay at Rethare Budruk, Tal Karad, Dist Satara. Cops got confidential information that Akhil Ashokrao Mohite kept a country-made pistol and he is coming at Visawa Naka, Bombay Restaurant Dist Satara for celling it. Based on this information police laid a trap and detained Akhil Ashokrao Mohite. During checking, the Satara police team seized a country made pistol and two live cartridged worth Rs 56,000 from his possession. Police are doing further inquiries.

Operation Muskan - Police found missing children


A boy of 12 year- old who had gone missing from Umbraj, Dist. Satara in July was found at Saidapur bus stop on Saturday to Satara police. Named Shahabad Mohammad Mulla age 12 year old resides Near Karad city police station Karad who is learning in Madarsa Shikshan Sanstha Umbraj since one year. On dated 22nd July 2017 at 14.30 Shahabad left the school without telling nobody. After that when Satara police were patrolling under the operation Muskan that time cops found a boy who stood near Saidapur, Dist Satara bus stop in confused mind. Police affectionately asked him, he told his name as Shahabad Mulla, and learning in Madarsa Shikshan Sanstha Umbraj. And he told that he left the school without telling nobody to meet his parents. By making sure and after investigation police called his parents, teachers and handed him over. Bliss looks on face of parents after meet their son.

Cops arrest five for ‘burglary’


The Satara police have arrested a gang of five for allegedly committing several house break-in thefts in the Satara city in the last seven month. And these all the accused are natives of Satara and Kolhapur district. Probe revealed that accuse named Sanket Dinesh Raje resides Bhimabai Ambedkar zopadpatti, Satara committed that he had four house break-in the Satara city. He is history shitter and doing such kind of crime. Another four accused named Sanjay Eknath Mane at Bhimabai Ambedkar zopadpatti, Satara, Santosh Narayan Manzale at Joshinagar, Kolhapur, Mahesh Marutrao Zopdekar at Mahadev galli, Gujri, Kolhapur, Rajugonda Baburao Patil at Kalamba, Kolhapur are complicity of Sanket Raje. Police have confirmed that Sanket Raje and his aides were involved in four house break-in Satara city. All the valuables stolen in these four thefts have been recovered from the accused. Satara police have recoverd gold ornaments worth Rs. 4,63,730/- from their possession.

Recovered a country-made pistol and 3 live cartridges


The Satara police have arrested a person, for possessing a country-made pistol and three live cartridges. Police have identified the suspects as Sandeep Bhanudas Bhintade, resident of Umbraj Tal. Karad, Dist Satara. Satara police got tip that a suspect coming towards Wadhe phata and he kept a country-made pistol and three live cartridges with him. After that police laid a trap at Wadhe phata and nabbed Sandeep Bhanudas Bhintade on Tuesday. During searches, the police team recovered the weapon and three live cartridges worth Rs 55,000 and Rs 1500 from his possession. An offence under the Arms Act 3(1), 25 has been registered at Shahupuri police station against accused.

2 Arrested for Motorcycle Theft ,14 Bikes Seized


Two men arrested by Satara police in Karad area for their alleged involvement in vehicle theft cases and 13 stolen hero Honda splender were recovered from them on Wednesday. On dated 26/07/2017 when Satara police was doing patrolling they found 2 suspected with two vehicle without number plate. In the further investigation it is reflected that the suspected has stolen these vehicle from Karad. And these accused had also stolen more than 13 hero Honda splender from Islampur Dist Sangali, Shiroli MIDC, Kolhapur. And they sold all vehicles in the Patan, Umbraj locality. Satara police expose the Karad City crime no 693/2016 IPC 379. They confiscated 14 motorcycle R/s 4,90,000/- in this crime. Variety of accused is they steal only splender motorcycle.

The youngster who stole the machine was caught


Satara police on date 15/07/2017 arrested one youngster from village Bidal who has stolen milk adulteration machine from dairy. It was found in the investigation and police file an offence against accused. Satara police arrested alleged from his home named Sachin Appa Mane, age 19 resides At post Bidal, Tal Man, Dist Satara. By Police officers, working on an operation to search offender, they found him at home and also machine was there. The investigation showed that accused were blag adulteration machine for his sake. In a very short time Satara police detected crime no. 208/2017 IPC 454, 457, 480 and recovered stolen milk adulteration machine worth rupees 3,25,000/-.

Five Arrested for Truck Theft


Detection of Satara Police arrested five persons from Baramati on Wednesday with a stolen truck, color box and tavera van. Police investigation revealed that the accused had stolen truck with color box. Satara Police arrested alleged Anil Dagdu Bharat, Kiran Vitthal Gaykwad, Nikesh Kisan Sakunde, Vaibhav Balaso Sakunde, Khushwant Kashinath Sawant, Akshya Chandrakant Lokhande from Baramati in Pune. Satara police collect whole information from crime scene and studied skillfully, in the further investigation alleged names are reflected. When cops got information about their locations at Baramati they nabbed them immediately. Police seized truck and tavera van with overall stolen property of Rs. 18,70,000/-.

Motorcycle Thief Caught during Police Check


The alertness of the Satara Police these days resulted in much sought after success, when they caught a Bike-Thief during police check on 01/07/2017 at Malharpeth area, Patan. Satara Police officials got information from source about presence of accused at patan. In the patrolling operation suspicious youngster found at malharpeth area. Satara Police caught them & brought them to Patan Police Station. During initial interrogation they accepted the theft of 3 bikes & electric motor from different part of satara district, patan police station area. Police seized all bikes & electric motor with overall stolen property of Rs. 1,14,000/-. They are investigating the case for more such thefts, if any.

Stolen vehicle recovered within 8 days


The police have recovered one bike from Vishal Subhash Nikam age- 23 resides at Ambedare, Satara who stole vehicle before 8 days ago. After Mr. Kulkarni lost his two-wheeler at the Yadogopal peth, Satara few days ago, they registered complaint at shahupuri police station. However, eight days later, in the investigation satara police officials got information about stolen vehicle and they trapped vishal while conducting the deal of stolen property. In further investigation vishal confessed that he stole motor cycle MH11-AZ-2429 from yadogopal peth using duplicate key. Satara Police comes in the role & take action within time so that stolen vehicle recovered within 8 days. And arrested accuse with stolen property Rs. 30,000/-.

Bikers snatch woman’s bag, satara police traced snatchers


Three men on a motorbike snatched a handbag from a woman near the Kimin’s High School, Panchgani on 25th May 2017 Thursday. The Lodhiya family, gone for trip at Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani who wondering on the road at night 09.45 PM 25/05/2017. Three unknown cames on bikes & snatched bag from Mrs. Lodhiya’s hand & ran away from them. In her complaint, the woman said that she called for help and even one comes from opposite direction tried chasing the snatchers, but they got away. Panchgani Police comes in the role & take action by the help of cyber department Satara collect information about suspects. And arrest accused with stolen property Rs. 7500/-.

Burglars who assault police officer caught by Satara Police within 12 hours


Burglars blocked police officer & assaulting him to steal property of rupees Rs. 24000/- cash with mobile handset. Such serious crime solved by Satara local crime branch within 12. The accused have been identified as Rahul Shirtode with his 4 combrades. Satara police use their social network & gathered confidential information about burglars who assaults police officer. Satara police comes in the view and immediately arrest accused as per information and stolen property recovered. After the further investigations the accused have confessed about their robberies they committed on highways. In this crime, FIR No.156/2017 U/s 395 IPC has been registered at dahiwadi police station, Satara.

Man arrested for morphing girl’s photos and posting them on Facebook


The Cyber Police Station, Satara has arrested 28- year old dish tv service provider for hacking into women’s Facebook accounts and uploading their morphed nude photographs. The accused was remanded into judicial custody for more investigation. The accused, Anant Ghorpade, is a resident of Shahunagar, Satara. Anant had created a fake profile to hack into the girl’s account. Accused used the same modus operandi in Shahupuri police station case. When Cyber cell team arrested Anant, he also gives confession about similar facebook case registered at Shahupuri police station, Satara. A complaint regarding this was made in the Satara City police station in Satara

Recovery of Stolen Property by Shirwal Police Station


Since last six month number of house breaking’s by day were reported in Khandala, Bhor & Wai tahasil one Bharat Prakash Adhikari age-40y, R/O – Mahur, Tal-Purandar, Dist-Pune was caught by police with the help of kavathe villagers red handed while commiting hbt by day on 01.06.2016. He was in police custody for 21 days thorough investigation revealed that he has commited 14 hbts by day. We have recovered 750 gm gold ornaments in original form while 200gm gold in melted form and cash 30,000/- rupees. Name of the officers and men who have played role P.I.Mhetre, PSI Kharat, PN Kadam B No. 819, PC Suryawanshi B No. 884, PC Madane B No. 1372, PC Jagdale B No. 129, PC Daund B No. 1722.

Helping Distressed/Injured Person by Shirwal Police Personnel


One Mr. Maheshkumar Lalmen Mahatu R/O – Jharkhand was travelling pune to shirwal in the late night on 30.7.2016 by truck while getting down from the truck driver and cleaner beat him on account of fair of travel. Mr. Mahatu was sustained blunt injury inside the stomach. Cr No. 108/2016 U/s 324, 337 IPC was registered against unknown culprits. Intially Mahatu was refered to PHC, Shirwal then civil hospital satara one constable was deputed as caretaker since he was alone overhere. Two days after admitting him at Civil Hospital, Satara we enquired about his health he was not taking food suffering severally from stomach pain requested doctors for sonography of stomach. Sonography of stomach revealed that blood is assembled in his stumach His parents were informed but not able to arrive hospital. We accepted guardianship of mahatu and performed signatures consents on behalf of his parents o all medical paper wherever necessary. He has undergone surgery and cured totally and discharge from hospital went to his state. We could save his life. Name of the officer who have played role P.I. Mhetre, PSI Pawar, PC Suryawanshi B. No. 884.

Satara Police Mitr Helps Satara Police in verious field


Recently Police Department faces overload condition because of population over rural & urban area. To reduce this burden satara police mitr helps satara police department to work along with police officers/personnel

Woman Awareness Camp By Satara Police


Woman Awareness Camp collected camp collected by Police Station of whole district

Satara Police Organize Tree Plantation Program



Crime Investigation – (Technical efforts)


We are started taking video graphic statements as a electronic evidence in important crimes and accendietial cases with HASH VALUE & CERTIFICATE of evidence act 65(b)




Citizen's Facilation Center









NATURE OF WORK – Solving Sensational crime.


BRIEF OF THE WORK DONE- Khandala Police Station Cr No. 203/2014 U/s 363,376,302 IPC in this case six year old innocent girl found raped and murdered & her body thrown in canal of dam. PI Shelke and his team was investigating this case. There was no clue about the crime. But taking with high efforts and due to very good public relation he got confidential information about accused and detected it with evidence in this rape and murder case. Because of good relation and attachment with public, police can solve this very sensitive case about murder innocent girl.

Solving Cruel crime.


BRIEF OF THE WORK DONE – API Ghadge of LCB team satara solved the case of murder of senior citizen. 71 year old senior lady murdered at remote place by an unknown person and robbed her. This crime happened in jurisdiction of Dahiwadi Police station, District Satara. There is no clue about the murderer of old lady citizen. But API Ghadge of LCB team satara made his special efforts to search out all the locations and surrounding area of the incidence took place. API Ghadge got clue in CCTV footage of Hospital in the same time in that surrounding area. Taking the help of that CCTV Footage, he arrested accused and recovered all looted ornaments of that senior citizen women.

Solving Sensational Gang Rapewith Dacoity Case


BRIEF OF THE WORK DONE – Shri P. B. Ghanwat, Police Inspector, Local crime branch, Satara. & his team detected sensational crime of rape with Decoity in Satara City Police station C.R. No. 445/2015 IPC 395, 376 (D). Due to heinous and nature of case with dacoity, many Women Organization pressurized police to solve this rape quickly. PI Ghanwat & his team cleverly detected this crime taking help of technical clues & evidence. And arrested all 6 accused within in 4 days. Because of untiredless effort by LCB, we can solve this case immediately and it increased the confidence of society about professionalism of Satara Police.

Best effort’s for conviction in sensational case.


BRIEF OF THE WORK DONE – In case of Khandala Police Station Cr No. 121/2015 U/s 302,504 IPC without any eyewitness evidence, police successful to punish accused person using “Last Seen Theory” criteria. In this case it is proved by the police that accused person fled from venue, that seen by witnesses. Blood found on T-shirt of accused person and blood sample of victim was matched in C. A. Analysis. In this case Witness saw that accused followed the victim and after victim got serious injured at incidence place which was under the lighting pol. Witnesses saw it in light of lighting pol. The evidence of “Last Seen Theory” proved by police brilliantly and Honorable court accepted that evidence and punish the accuse to penal servitude(life) and fine.

Sensational Case


In case of Mhaswad Police Station CR NO 42/2015 U/S 302,498(A), 504 IPC, dowry victim woman died in this case. But before that our police staff of mhaswad police station HC Sanjay More B. No. 1209 registered the antemortem confession (Dying declaration) of that victim. Our Police Staff register such antemortem confession (Dying declaration) in time and properly. So that court hold valid that antemortem confession (Dying declaration) and punish the accused to penal servitude(life) and fine. We can success to give the justice for that soul.

Best Effort For Conviction


API N. V. Pawar IO of this case collected lot of evidence, Special the DNA sample of accused is match out positive test report and it can prove the oppression made by accused on the victim. Accused in punished by Honorable court with 10 years penal servitude and fine.