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Police Welfare

Police Welfare, Satara

Police Welfare, Satara

1. Shivtej Rest House, Satara

Shivtej Rest House is near Satara Taluka Police Station, Radhika Road, Satara. There are 3 Bed Rooms, One Big Hall and Lawn-Ground. It is one of best rest house of Satara Police.

Shivtej Rest House, Satara

A. Rent for Shivtej Rest House 3 Living Rooms:

  • For Police Officers: Rs.200/- per Day.

B. Rent for Shivtej Rest House Hall:

  • For Police Officers/Police Men = Rs.2500/- Per 5 Hrs.
  • For Private Citizens = Rs.5000/- per 5 Hrs.

C. Rent for Shivtej Rest House Lawn/Open Space:

  • For Police Officers/Police Men = Rs. 2500/- Per 5 Hrs.
  • For Private Citizens = Rs.5000/- Per 5 Hrs.

2. Sahyadri Rest House, Mahabaleshwar

According to the sanctioned order of Hon. Directorate General of Police, Mumbai, Sahyadri Rest House is newly upgraded and maintained. Sahyadri Rest House has updated modern facilities.

Sahyadri Rest House, Mahabaleshwar

Sahyadri Rest House Rates, Mahabaleshwar

3. Chaitanya Gym, Satara

Police Welfare have started Chaitanya Gym to maintain health. Newly sanctioned rates are declared in economy budget of citizens.

Chaitanya Gym, Satara

Chaitanya Gym, Satara

Chaitanya Gym, Satara

  • (A) Admission Fee : Rs.50/-
  • (B) For Police Officers/Police Men: Rs.200/- Per Month.
  • (C) For Private Citizen: Rs.350/- Per Month.
  • (D) Steam Bath (For 15 Minutes): Rs.100/-.

4. Alankar Hall, Satara

Alankar Hall, Satara

  • (A) For Police Officers / Police Men : Rs.12000/- Per Day
  • (B) For Private Citizens : Rs.20000/- Per Day with Rs. 2000/- Advance Payment.

5. Police Band, Satara

Police Department also provide the facility of Police Band Squad for special marriage occasion, ceremony, festival and also for Ceremonial Parade. For marriage occasion it is compulsory to book for at least 2 hrs. After 2hrs. the rates are changed to 25% of its regular rate

  • (A) For Police Officer = Rs.7000/-
  • (B) For Police Men = Rs.5000/-
  • (C) For Private Citizen = Rs.10000/-
Shivtej Rest House, Satara